Raspberry Roulade

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Sun, Sep 6 2009

The conversation during our supper tonight, came around to milk and fat content. So my six year old son told me that milk has too much fat. What I actually think, is that he was listening in on my topic with my friends today over tea. We were pontificating the subject of organic and non-homogenised milk and the resulting fat that floats on the tea. Now, everyone has their own taste, but I feel it is a little sad that many people think blue top contains too much fat. 3.5% fat for blue top does not sound that much. If you compare this to some food packaging that state less than 10% fat, it then seems a tiny amount. The reality is that less than 10% IS a lot and that packaging guidelines do not always give you the true picture. Anyway, however we feel, milk is essential for protein, vitamins and of course, calcium. Children under five should always have full fat for optimum growth regardless of your own milk drinking habits. And don’t be made to feel bad about drinking full fat milk either. We always have full fat organic milk in our house and we love it. Taking the user back to the days of the doorstep pint, it does float on your tea a little, but it sure tastes lovely on cornflakes. Just wish I could , really. Soya milk is not quite the same!

Make a lovely traditional rice pudding. Sprinkle 100g pudding or basmati rice along with 50g sugar, 100g raisins, 4 crushed cardomom pods and the zest of a lemon into a dish. Pour over 750ml milk and bake for 11/2 hours. Serve with some strawberry jam for a nostalgic pudding!
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