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Sun, Jun 7 2009

This morning was sadly our last in sunny Cornwall. But to top our visit off we had to indulge in some smoked streaky bacon, free range eggs, cold white toast and some Yeo Valley butter. The taste of this butter is quite exceptional. Quite the best. Harley just was in raptures eating this little lot as you can see.
I do like the whole branding around Yeo Valley. Their milk is creamy and tasty, the butter tastes like no other and their yoghurt is silky and smooth. Organic produts don't come easily in our house at the moment, being pushed by the wayside with our economic climate. But butter and milk are the two things I will never compromise. If you buy Waitrose blue organic milk is is not homogenised. You will find a layer of cream at the top of your pint! This will surely evoke memories of times past and I know many who love this treat. No birds and foil lids involved any more though!
But I feel quite strongly about the fact that people worry about the fat content in blue top milk. Frankly, it is less than 4% fat and semi is just less than 2%. But unless you drink copious amounts how can this be bad for you? Sadly I am dairy intollerant and one thing I miss - but do have to indulge in sometimes - is some crunchy cereal with ice cold milk. But we all differ and it is astonishing how our taste buds become accustomed to change so swiflty. so everything in moderation is a good adage!
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