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Tue, Sep 13 2011
It certainly has been a while..... life has been hectic over these past summer months! The school holiday has flashed past and I have felt I have not spent enough time doing all of the things I had planned to do with Harley. But really I am not grumbling! I must be doing something right to be so busy with work.
I am still writing recipes for Borough Market and copy for their magazine, too, called Market Life. I really like writing for them, amid all of controversy, as the producers really believe in what they are selling which is evident walking through the arches of Borough. I have my regular work for Waitrose which I have been doing for many years now and then I have a few other regular clients like Roddas and Kallo . But over the summer John and myself have been working on a new baking magazine. I have written some of the recipes but the bulk of the work has been photographing all of the recipes within the magazine which has been a brilliant undertaking. Sourcing Christmas props has been fun yet challenging and we have been getting in the Christmas spirit.
Something I find particularly irksome though, are the quality of the recipes. There are other professional writers on board but the quality of their work is really terrible. Recipes that don't work, missed ingredients and quite frankly, recipes that are not nice.
I know that food is often based on the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but some of these recipes leave you cold...... What I really find astonishing is that most of these people present a client with substandard recipes and want to be paid. I cant imagine they have any pride in their work. When the recipe is submitted it comes with a photo. Well it makes you wonder whether people can actually cook. One of the recipes we have photographed has been giving us grief for weeks. We are going to re-shoot it as the photo is frankly not representative of the recipe. We are trying to iron out these issues.
Anyway, when the magazine comes out, the recipes will work. They have been tested and sorted out!
So, please, if you are going to write a recipe and don't want the food stylist to get ratty trying to make it work, then do it properly!
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