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chocolate lovers!

Sun, Nov 21 2010
Chocolate is a bit of a niggle for me!. When I speak with people about it I am always in shock about the kind they like. I am sorry to say I am just a chocolate snob. I only like cocoa from South America, I only like milk with no less than 34% solids and I don't like chocolate that says it's chocolate when it clearly is not! It's like Macdonalds saying they are a restaurant when they are clearly not!
I did a workshop with some kids yesterday and the recipe was chocolate based so whilst the pudding was in the oven I decided to do a chocolate tasting. The young girl I was working with went out to get some from the shop floor and came back with Lindt 90%, Green and Blacks Butterscotch - could this be my favourite! - and a Cadbury with a name I can't recall. Bliss or something? We broke up the bars into bowls and had the children taste them. The 90% was received quite well considering they children were only 6! The feeling in your mouth is so dry from such a high cocoa content but it is fabulous to cook with, so rich, with good quality cocoa beans which have obviously been fermented properly and made with care. Some of te faces were classic though! The Cadbury was just horrid. It tasted of sweetness. No hint of cocoa and the nuts in this one were the only saving grace. The Green and Blacks, delectable but sadly as it is now owned by Cadbury it does not hold the same feeling for me any more, but that crunchy butterscotch and deep flavour......mmm, well anyway! The children just loved the Cadbury. We did not tell them what it was and still they loved it. I felt saddened as I wondered how unrefined tastebuds seem. Or have they always been that way? I kind of thought that many are brainwashed by Cadbury, or coke or sweets but actually, I now am pondering that perhaps as a nation our taste buds are receding as so many of us are used to eating rubbish. I think this could be a theory, but then again it may not!
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