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wet wet wet

Mon, Jul 27 2009

I have had probably the wettest week of my life! Every single item of my clothing was covered in mud. Thank goodness I took my wellies. I have been working at Tatton flower show for a week with my usual - and most favourite - employer. And it hs rained...........alot! Sadly, we were staying in the most rubbish of hotels which kept the most atrocious house keeping I have come across. The food was pretty terrible too. One of those places trying to be outstanding, with the chef trying with his presentation but falling fowl with any form of flavour.
The flower show now has me hooked on plants. I have never seen so many beautiful flowers. And the children who passed through our stand appreciated them too. But the rain most certainly dampened the spirits. Anyway, I have got home, armed with a load of plants for my 12 foot square garden, ready to do a bit of landscaping!
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