Raspberry Roulade

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Thu, Aug 13 2009

You probably could get a smaller garden than mine. But it is pretty tiny and certainly no room for growing rows of vegetables. So what I try to do is plant vegetables in any little space I can. The crop that is most satisfying and easy are runner beans. I plant these in a square of soil about 3 foot x 2 foot, fitting in 9 canes made into 3 pyramids accommodating about 25 seeds. This provides my perfectly formed family with runner beans for the whole of August, and enables me to take them as a thoughtful gift when visiting friends. I do actually think that they don't need much doing to them, except for a little cooking in some salted boiling water, then dressing with some good butter - Yeo valley, mmmmmmm- and a little black pepper. If you are eating them with fish, squeeze your lemon over these little green gentlemen too with a sprinkle of Cornish sea salt.
Talking of this wondrous land, I have just come home from being with my Dad and brought his cauliflower with me. I aquired it from afore mentioned Kingsley Village. Harley pushed me into buying it actually. I am sure it will lose some colour upon cooking but I thought it complimented my beans ever so well!
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