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beef fingers

Sat, Aug 8 2009
Well, if you look up beef fingers on google, your search will reveal some magnificent recipes for a fish finger style thing made with beef. All American of course! The beef fingers I am talking about are a cut of beef that I bought from a lovely butcher near my Dads in Cornwall in a shopping centre called Kingsley Village. They are dead cheap and I have never seen them anywhere else. Basically, what they are, are the ends of the rib bone. So they are a bit like a pork spare rib but with plenty of delicious beef attached. The meat from Kingsley is of excellent quality. The fat was a lovely marzipan colour and the meat was beautifully marbled.
So we fired up the barbecue this evening for the first time in weeks and I decided to give the little door bell ringers ( fingers ) a go. And for £1.50 for 2 big pieces, they proved to be a real bargain. The meat was flavourful, as rib always is, and there was so much on there we did not need the meatballs and sausages that found their way onto the grill.
So, the next time you are in a butcher, ask them if they can oblige you with some beef fingers. Forgotten cuts are certainly topical at the moment, but these little fellows certainly need a fifteen minutes of fame too.
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