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glow baby, glow!

Fri, Jul 9 2010

We know a family that have a farm up on the Ridgeway. They have two boys with whom Harley gets on really well and a pretty fab living space. They invited us up there last week as it is glow worm season. I didn't even know what a glow worm was until I saw one on Springwatch this year, so I was really excited to go and see them - perhaps! I thought it was a fantastic opportunity for Harley too. Even though I try to expose him to as much of the natural world as possible there are some things that, unless you are in the know, you wont ever see.
So we arrived at Sally Anne's house to be greeted by a big group of junior young farmers having an interactive talk with insects. Preying mantis, locusts, giant land snails, you name it, Sally Anne has it. However, what caught my eye was what was hanging over the sink. A fresh honeycomb, still in the frame, straight from the hive. I have never tasted honey like it. Even with the wax, the taste was pure ambrosia. The texture even will never be experienced from a shop bought one.
Not only has Sally Anne got all these insects - and her family! - but she has a barn owl. So we saw him being fed too with a chick from the freezer. Defrosted of course! As well as chicks Sally Anne produced a snake from these chilly climes. Beautiful in it's frozen form. You couldn't make it up could you?!
What a fantastic evening that could probably never be recreated.
Oh! and the glow worms! We saw 2 only. But I would probably have never have had the opportunity to see 1 so I think we are all pretty privileged. Especially when Harley held one too. And who cares that we were home at 1am!
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