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Thu, Nov 11 2010
I really can't have been more lucky this year. Whilst our country trickles along in a recession I have been so busy with work I don't know what to do with myself! But as we move on towards Christmas I really want to get more organised and keep a little time for myself as one of my favourite gifts to give to the people i love is, of course, food. Not only does making the gift make you feel good if you love cooking but packaging it and then giving it is terrific too. You can package loads of things up. I recently went to a fantastic new market stall in Par MArket, Cornwall and bought some cornish sea salt with flower petals in it. A pretty jar, some raffia and a homemade label and away we go! Even a jar of jam that you made earlier on in the year with a little pretty fabric. Keep any interesting bottles and one of the easiest edible gifts is flavoured oil. Buy a good olive oil. Sterilise a bottle by placing in a warm oven for ten minutes. Warm the oil until just about body temperature, adding some thick slivers of lemon zest or lush sprigs of rosemary, thyme and peppercorns. Pour into the bottle, gubbins and all then seal with a cork.
Then give with love.
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