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a morning of film

Thu, Oct 7 2010
Ages ago, John said we should be shooting some basic skills videos to go on my website. As is usual with us, it took us an age to get it together and then now we have, we have seen other websites doing the same. An idea is rarely original, is it? Or perhaps we were being bugged!
We had a fun day shooting 5 little videos. Basic skills seem easy to someone like myself who cooks for a living but simple things like chopping an onion are only easy when you know how. My house is relatively small, just a Victorian terrace affair, but the dining room really lends itself to the purpose of film. The day was glorious which helps, too, as John only uses natural light for all of his photography. Sometimes we do a shoot in seriously dull conditions and I find it a constant source of amazement how the picture turns out. To my eyes impossible and to the camera's and operator, easy! We have gone for the homely look, nothing too clinical, but hopefully easy to understand and informative.
So, 5 little videos in the morning and hopefully we can get it together to do some more soon. Look out on my website as we will be posting these up in the very near future!

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