Raspberry Roulade

Lesley Holdship - Home Economist, Food Stylist & Recipe Writer


Tue, Aug 25 2009

Well, camping has been the topic of conversation in our house for months. Harley could not wait to go, but each time we arranged anything our arrangements fell through for one reason or another. So last week it was Thursday, then Friday, and finally Saturday it actually happened. The tent has never seen the light of day and got a little ripped in the first attempt. It is, in fact, a marquee and housed us all very adequately! Shame about the blow up tent!
But the fire you see before you was fantastic to cook upon. We kept things simple with some really good sausages, burgers and some whole vine tomatoes cooked until soft and bakingly hot, the acidity complimenting the simple richness of the meats. Warm some cooked new potatoes, with a little butter and curly parsley in foil, buried in the embers. The butter will take on an irresistible nuttiness and coupled with the tomato, not much else is really needed. Employ the some principle with tropical fruits such as pineapple and banana for a simple pudding. And go back a few years by adding something so naff it is actually quite lovely. Squirty cream and away we go!
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