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children rule!

Fri, Jan 23 2009
This week has been busy. I spent tuesday at a school teaching 100 children about healthy eating. Secondary children can sometimes be more difficult and less receptive but the ones I met with were great. We tasted, touched and looked at loads of foods. They cooked with me, chatted and laughed - it was great. When you can manage to get a 14 year old - with a little attitude- to taste something they think looks vile, and they then like it, it is an amazing experience. Something so simple can create a great feel. But what makes me feel sad is the level of knowledge. Some simple fruits and vegetables were unidentifiable by some. Their parents are to blame. But educating them will be near to impossible so lets try and get through to our future movers and shakers. 
I have cooked with some fantastic ingredients this week. Today saw some local guinea fowl under the knife, along with some chicory and pomegranate. Yesterday featured chicken with delicate forced rhubarb and ginger wine, along with a coconut custard tart. Nothing too pricey either.
Talking of feeding children, tomorrow, my son goes to a birthday party. He is 6 and the ideas that parents have when feeding children at parties is pretty worrying but equally they are like sheep. Feeding everyone what they think they will like and what all the other parents do. It would be good to see someone breaking free and making party food healthy and vibrant. My poor boy wont be able to tell me outright what he has eaten because he knows it is not usually allowed........ but you have to go with it sometimes! But we still wont ever go to Mac*****ds!!
happy weekend.

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