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Wed, Apr 22 2009
Well, that really is a bit shoddy. Nearly two months since I wrote anything. Life has been rushing me by and contrary to the worries I had in January that I was not going to have any work, it seems to be finding me well enough. Most exciting is that I have been working on a children's campaign with a major supermarket and have written 12 recipe cards to use on mobile cooking unit. It stretched the imagination somewhat, but once the ideas were born the recipes came easily. 
This time of the year is so bountiful. I love the spring for all of the produce available. As a cook, variety and choice is exciting, frankly, but we have all become so conditioned to think we can get anything at any time it makes you feel great when you can utilise the gifts of the season. And some of the places you can find this can be surprising too. Early season English asparagus in a German supermarket along with beautiful purple sprouting broccoli. You cant beat those steamed- and coated with Yeo valley butter - and served with some fish baked with a few new potatoes and finished with a little bechamel sauce and some parsley from the garden. Did you know that if your parsley thrives in your garden it is the lady of the house who wears the trousers. Email me if that is true!
So I would like to think that seasonal is important to some, but how can you not be tempted when you visit a beautiful vegetable and fruit stall.  But even if we all try that must count for something? Well what could be more seasonal than a steaming mug of Green and Blacks hot chocolate. It is after all the right season to be drinking it!

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