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Get yourself to Wagamamas!

Wed, Aug 5 2009
I have had a fantastic two days with some really great children. Not children that lead a balanced life with all they need, but children who come from uncertain backgrounds, are disadvantaged or have a lifestyle far removed from most.
Our aim was to get them to see past junk food and try some different ingredients and to eat healthily and mindfully. It was so interesting to see their reactions and responses, even to ingredients that are relatively every day. What motivates my typing frenzy this time around is that we were lucky enough to go on a trip to my most favourite eatery, Wagamamas. Pan asian food with fresh, savoury flavours. Ten oclock in the morning seemed a little early to be tasting pickled ginger, but most really got stuck in. The children were able to taste ingredients, watch the fresh juices being made and concost their own and measure out a noodle dish to then eat later on. They all left with a goody bag with a Wagamamas pencil box and post it notes in. But not only that, they left having done something they may not think of doing or have the resourse to do. The staff - as always - were professional and friendly. It was a brilliant experience.
The food produced is so healthy, but somehow so satisfying. I took my Dad to eat there with his wife and my husband and Harley. We had a terrific supper and for pudding I had to have a starter as the flavours of the chilli squid were almost too much to bear! Get down there if you can.
Recreating it is not easy, but for something simple and delicious, dissolve a sachet of miso soup in about 400ml water. Heat then add a selection of vegetables in bitesize pieces along with a handful of rice noodles. Simmer until just tender, then squeeze in the juice of a lime. serve in a deep bowl with some griddled chicken and lots of fresh coriander.
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