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is there a credit crunch?

Mon, Nov 24 2008
Apparently, the credit crunch is upon us. I have seen no evidence of this in the common man. There must be things happening as banks are folding and businesses are cutting jobs. But we were out for a coffee yesterday, and there are people are still buying 50inch TV's and new clothes, electricals and luxuries- all this just before Christmas . All around us there were hoards of people with lots of shopping bags. I remain sceptical.
But with all of this, food is coming under the price attack too. Many people don't know how to make the best of shopping and cooking which is a shame frankly. So with this in mind, there are chefs talking of forgotten cuts. Now these are all very well, and they do taste lovely -I have had to cook them for a few different companies- they are cheap too. About 12 pigs cheeks cost a princley £2.50 in one of the large supermarkets which is supposedly more expensive. They will serve about 6 people. But the reason I find this all a bit urksome is that as a society now we dont have the time to cook these cuts. 100 years ago most kitchens had an aga style range that would have been going all day but now you have to switch on your oven to accommodate these meats. The pig cheeks I had in the oven for 3 hours and the ox cheeks was a whopping 6. and as I see it, when we are supposed to be cutting costs, our fuel bills will going sky high. Most people who cook want interesting, quick food.  Life has a habit of being on your heels every moment and before we know it, it will be overtaking us all!! 

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