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that purple cauli

Thu, Aug 20 2009
Remember that purple cauli? Well it may seem a bit naff but we love cauliflower cheese in our house. There are a load of things you can do with a bobbly cauli, but Harley just loves it with a smooth, silky bechamel, flavoured with a good strong cheddar and some mustard. It is a marriage from heaven, with its crispy edges - saved for me - after 45 minutes in the oven. So this purple specimen lost a little colour upon cooking but still retained a vibrant colour. Just cooked for 5 minutes, drained, then coated in cheese sauce and sprinkled with more grated cheddar I popped this kitsch supper into the oven and what emerged was a lovely silky royal purple dish. The bechamel had taken on the cauli colour. Along with some green peas and brown meatballs we had a truly 70's supper!
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