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Sat, Nov 28 2009

We, as parents, have a habit of embarrassing our children. At the start of my forties, my dad still does it. He loves to recount the story of how we had chicken for supper, which in fact turned out to be rabbit. My legs couldn’t carry me quick enough to the hutch in my garden where my two fluffy bunnies sat twitching. Phew! we hadn’t eaten them after all but it was something similarly furry - and it tasted tremendous.

In the butchers today I spotted some wild rabbit. The temptation was just too much to bear, although my six year old son looked up at me, unconvinced. I am always open as to where food comes from with him. If you cover things up there will be mountains of explaining to do sooner or later. So we meandered home with our prize, discussing that pigs make pork and cows make beef. I have it in mind that many parents feel they should spare their children’s feelings by glossing over the true meaty facts. In my day to day job I hear answers such as lion or tiger when you ask which animal produces pork and so on. If we want to be responsible and answerable about the meat we buy we must be true to ourselves about it or become a vegetarian. If the provenance is good, then we can have a guilt free supper.

Reduce your washing up with a one pot wonder. Start off by softening an onion in a large pan. Joint your bunny, flour and brown along with the onion. Add 2 large carrots and 2 sticks of celery -chopped into thick batons -and a handful of dried mushrooms. Pour over enough cider to cover, season, add a tbsp chopped rosemary and gently cook for 2hours.

Serve with buttery mash and some green vegetables.

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