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children and food

Sun, Feb 13 2011
It makes me feel quite ratty when I hear people saying that good food is wasted on children. I was watching a programme not so long ago and the person cooking - I sadly cannot recall who - gave their opinion that children don't appreciate good ingredients and what they were making should be saved for adult consumption only.
This evening I cooked some fish which was most certainly not my best attempt at supper but I realised at 6oclock that I needed to cook as it is a school night so the food needed to be on the table at 6.30 ish. And oops, nothing in the fridge either! So I roasted some fish from the freezer only to be met with distaste at the fact it was too dry and did not taste of much. These comments came not from my husband but Harley, aged 8! Admittedly, I have never deprived Harley of anything. I have always given him what we eat and tried to teach him good values that should surround food.
It makes me feel proud when he is critical and analytical of his food. I really want Harley to understand and know what he is eating. He hates the smell of Macdonalds, wont eat ketchup and is not bothered that I wont let him have crisps in his lunchbox. I can hear the chatter now of you thinking that it is all down to parental influence and I think you are right. But how do all children learn anything? Through adults who lead by example.
I would most definitely want Harley to prefer Green and Blacks to Cadbury chocolate, say. At least then I know his taste buds are in perfect working order!
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