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eating with children

Thu, May 7 2009
I had a great week last week. And whilst I was away from my beautiful family, my work was rewarding, invigorating and at times emotional. 
I have been privileged to work with a major supermarket for the last 6 years and last week went away with them to a school and taught about 500 children about healthy eating and how to cook. I wrote 12 recipes using seasonal vegetables for use at these unique events, so we had rhubarb and spring onions coming out of our ears! Some children are brilliantly aware of what food is all about. Some have no idea which is sad. But I really think that this is down to parental guidance, input and education. I saw a child at a wedding last week who had sausages and mash on his plate. His dad was guiding him towards the ketchup. Perhaps he thought this would count as one of his 5 a day! Well, it was blatantly obvious where the child had learnt this behaviour and his eating habits from as his dad had the same on his plate. It is going to be a hard job to get a lot of our children on the healthy eating route as they have already seen behaviour at home and think this is the way to go. That is how children learn. From the adults around them. And then the parents wonder why their kids have no energy, are white and ill looking. 
A lot of children actually do like to try new things so why not introduce something you thin k your children will not like to your supper table. Share it, talk about it and taste it - together. Food is to be debated, respected and enjoyed. Do exactly that!
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