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in the arctic

Wed, Jul 14 2010

We had a fantastic barbecue on Saturday with some of our closest friends. Simple food, well cooked by John and enjoyed by all of us. Needless to say that we had a mammoth amount of food left over!
So changing the subject a little, I am not a big fan of bread. I adore making it but don't so much enjoy eating it. It's mostly too wodgy and actually, I shouldn't eat it as I am annoyingly intollerant to wheat. But we went to Ikea recently and I bought some arctic bread from there. I had used it before when I worked for my good friend Jem in Bristol. It is a soft, flat bread. Just about 1cm thick and really soft.
So back to the barbecue - but lets fuse the two subjects together. We had some little chicken and chorizo skewers left over from the party so we cooked them until sizzling then filled one of these
fabulous little breads with crispy lettuce, chicken, roasted tomatoes, rocket picked from the garden and a scratch of mayonnaise. All of this made a truly delicious supper, in the garden, with my family. Priceless.
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