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e numbers.

Tue, Sep 8 2009
As a rule, I don't care for buying branded icecreams for home consumption, instead I plump for Aldi's fantastic creations. They are of a practical size, use real vanilla, only seem to have the ingredients in that should be and they are reasonably priced. But in my local supermarket recently, they had 2 boxes of ice lollies for £3.00. We love a Fab every so often so I bought a box of 8 and then chose a box of Malteser choc ice style thingies. I happen to know that Maltesers contain hydrogenated vegetable fat but I thought once in a blue moon can't be terrible. We ate them. They were horrid. No flavour at all and I would not buy them again.
I actually steer away from rubbish chocolate, veering towards the better quality ones and the reason, really, is because the cheapies don't taste of chocolate, but of sugar and not much else.
Upon looking at the box the Malteser ices came in, it transpired that they not only have hydrogenated vegetable fat but also eight e numbers. I find this outrageous. There is no requirement for this level of additives. I do not know which e numbers are which, equally I have not looked them up to see which they are in the icrecream, but as a rule I buy things without any.
I feel that a company like Mars should really be more in tune with the ingredients in their products. It is a proven fact that children are better behaved when not subjected to additives. Maybe the icrecream may actually taste better without them......?
I feel a small letter to Mars may not go amiss and perhaps they may take some notice. Although do most of the general public really understand this convoluted subject? I know I dont, but that is where buying foods without additives at all is a much more savvy way to shop. Next time you go to the supermarket, give yourself a little longer and have a look at the labels. Do you really want to be giving your child something like MSG, a flavour enhancer which is the equivalent to a drug like speed. Find it in crisps and chinese food.
Enjoy having a little investigation and enjoy eating a better level of food. It will make you fell better all round.
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